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You Go My Sister, LLC

P.O. 592474, San Antonio, Texas 78259


About Us

You Go My Sister, LLC

The company name was established in 2009.  I wanted to create a website for “Women” of color. To be able to share with each other their values about; faith, family, health and career.  It’s also okay to be political, regardless if it’s right or wrong, which comes with respect for “All”. 

Marilyn Summers-Jones, CEO

Behind The Logo

She is making a statement for women of color. I am someone who’s on the go 24/7.  I put my family first without any questions.  I run for freedom or just to put food on my table. I don’t get much sleep,  need to hit the gym at 5am.  Later l will have myself a cup of coffee and a donut yes this is pleasing to me.

Why Women Are So Caring

Live every day as if it were your last. Treat everybody else as if She were you.

The rooster may strut and crow, but it’s the hen that delivers the goods.